Sunday, November 23, 2008

Natalie and Kraig

Natalie and Kraig are going to be married in May of 2009. I had a great time with them today and feel that we achieved a good mixture of classic images along with a burst of fun! We spent the afternoon at Piedmont Park. I love the versatility of this place, it has the coziness of a beautiful park being watched by a bustling city giving it a unique feel.

This was one of my favorite images from our shoot and instantly went up on our main website!

Natalie and Kraig were so fun and loved doing a jumping shot! Ok, so Natalie loved a little bit more than Kraig but he was a great sport!

I hope you enjoy this post Natalie! :)


Jacquelyn Michelle said...

Natalie looks beautiful!!!

Soon to be Kelly Wall said...

So am I like waaaaay behind on the whole engagement session thingy? May? June? I was thinking, actually I was not thinking about this yet. Ha! Beautiful as always. Makes me excited.

Catherine said...

Just as long as you do it atleast 8 weeks in advance of the wedding. Some of my spring brides do it in the fall to avoid the cold of February and March. Sometimes too they send out the save the date announcements with their photo and that causes us to do it early.

Don't start stressing out yet Kelly! :) Just let me know when you are ready to do yours and we will jump to it!

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