Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pat and Allen

Pat and Allen renewed their wedding vows on October 25, 2008 at their home surrounded by family and close friends. The couple have been married for 30 years and still have that new found love about them. It was wonderful and encouraging to see. As a wedding photographer I see young couples with stars in their eyes countless times throughout the year but it was nice to see a result of all those starry eyes and new beginnings, a happy long-lasting marriage.

The wedding was filled with tiny intimate details for friends and family to participate in the event. This wishing tree was for guests to write personal notes to the bride and groom.

These beautiful rings were exchanged on Saturday and placed on their right hands.

After 30 years the couple couldn't bare to replace the rings that have meant so much to them.

Pat and Allen's children were also included in the ceremony and were given symbolic gifts to represent unconditional love.

The result of a young couple's commitment....a beautiful growing family.

The reception was so much fun filled with music, friends and wonderful food.


PatW said...

Thank you so much for these beautiful photos. You are such a blessing to our family....We love you, Allen & Pat

Heather & Adam said...

AMAZING! I can't wait to see them all. You did an awesome job, as always, and I am so glad we got to have some fun together! Love you.

Jess Addison said...

I can't wait to see the rest of them! I know they are going to be amazing!!

Catherine said...