Thursday, July 24, 2008

Flush Mount Wedding Albums!!! NEW!!!

New Flush Mount Wedding Albums are here!

They are very similar to the Coffee Table Albums that we have always offered. The layouts work the same way as the coffee table albums. The images are designed in a layout and printed into the book. There are no loose images, everyting is printed onto the pages. There are a few subtle differences. The pages are about twice as thick and are mounted on thin boards instead of the thin foam. The leather cover is also a bit thicker . Due to the thicker pages and cover it seems that they will hold up a bit better to wear and tear.

You can also now have a printed cover! Your images are printed directly onto hardbound leather. I love this new option! The design wraps around the entire book. You can have images or even text printed onto your cover!

You can also now have a printed cover with our Coffee Table Albums.

My sample albums have just arrived and here are some images!

Text can be printed on the spine of the book.

6x6 Parent Album with the 10x10 Platinum Album.

For all of my Brides that have preordered a 10x10 Platinum Album if you would like to upgrade to the Flush Mount or even just change your cover option to a printed cover please email me. There will be no additional charge for the upgrade.

If anyone would like more information/prices on our albums please email me.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Today I had the pleasure of photographing gospel singer Portia W. She has been recording her first album in Atlanta and is nearing the end. Today we took many of the photos to be included in her CD jacket and also for later promotional uses. We did our shoot outside to incorporate nature to symbolize the inspiration she had for her music and lyrics.

Images like these were taken with the knowledge that other graphics will be layered on top to fit with the overall concept of the album.

Portia was a lot of fun to photograph and I hope that she finds much success!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Lori and Daniel

On Saturday I spent the afternoon shooting Lori and Daniel's engagement photographs. We braved the heat and acheived some really amazing shots! We did our photoshoot in the outskirts of downtown Atlanta at a beautiful castle like structure! Lori and Daniel are a fun couple as you can tell from some of our shots!

They are getting married in October on the beach at Jekyll Island. I always love beach weddings and I know this one will be no exception!

Lori and Daniel, like myself, love the crazy creative shots but we did take some photos for the family!! :)