Sunday, July 13, 2008

Lori and Daniel

On Saturday I spent the afternoon shooting Lori and Daniel's engagement photographs. We braved the heat and acheived some really amazing shots! We did our photoshoot in the outskirts of downtown Atlanta at a beautiful castle like structure! Lori and Daniel are a fun couple as you can tell from some of our shots!

They are getting married in October on the beach at Jekyll Island. I always love beach weddings and I know this one will be no exception!

Lori and Daniel, like myself, love the crazy creative shots but we did take some photos for the family!! :)


Nancy Adame said...

Wonderful pictures of Lori and Daniel as well as all of the other photos on this page!

Nancy Adame

Lori said...

WHAT! Oh my GOD!
You, Catherine, are incredible!