Thursday, September 25, 2008

Baby Mallory

Here she is, baby Mallory. She is 7 weeks old and so cute! She is the most easy going baby I have ever seen. I photographed her Mommy for a maternity session not too long ago and now she is here. She is a doll! Congratulations Heather on a beautiful baby girl.

Mallory and big brother Charlie.

Mommy, Charlie and baby Mallory.


Heather & Adam said...

These are so beautiful, Catherine! Thank you so much. Oh, the perks of being your friend. (Not that I need any, because you are awesome out from behind the camera, too!)
I love you and we had lots of fun today. (Other than the poopslosion.)

Catherine said...

Even if we did have to hose down the bathroom it was fun! haha!

I will get you a disc ASAP.

love you!

Julie said...


nosmallfeat said...

Oh wow, that last pic of the three of them is priceless. You are crazy talented and you have beautiful subjects, all.